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Leading Manufactures of Manhole covers and Frame At Aqua Excel, combine best services with the best technology, we guarantee superior standards with our best-quality products such as CPVC Pipes and UPVC plumbing pipes & fittings and other bathroom accessories. Our other products include Manhole covers ad frames, solvent cement, Mirror cabinet, bathroom RPVC pipes, PVC pipe Fittings, water-saving aerators and different style of pipes.

Aqua excels is synonymous with innovation and new trends in the piping market. We focused on bringing new Pipe technologies and relentless development into existing and new products. This specific focus allows the brand to raise the standards and to lead as an example by others. Aqua Excel is also known to surpass consumer expectations for its compromise-free quality.

 Aqua Excel also offers Maxion range of products which includes manhole covers and frames together aligned with other smart storage solutions to homes and bathrooms.