Synthetic Enamel Paint | Zigma Paints Pvt. Ltd.

Enamel Paints gives good glossy finish. These paints are based synthetic resins and generally used for metal surfaces and for protection purposes. It processes balanced composition and remarkable properties of protection and decoration.

Give your surfaces perfect finish and protection with Zigma Paints wide range of Synthetic Enamel Paint. We are offering wide range of enamel paints in different colors and smooth finishes. It is best suited for metal surfaces and available in variety of shades. Combined with economy paint products from the Zigma Paints Pvt. Ltd. offers superior glossy finish for your interior and external surfaces.

Synthetic Enamel Paint is type of synthetic based paint which has hard films with gloss retention with superior adhesion qualities. This Enamel Paints available in two types of finishes- matt and glossy to all primers with excellent brushing properties and some little affinity to yellowing on exposure to the environment. Synthetic Enamels are used on various substrates as metal, automobile industries, metal furniture’s, steel, etc. Enamel paints can with stand regular cleaning without losing its shining. Also it can be fairly durable and stain resistant.

Zigma Paints Pvt. Ltd. also manufacture wide variety of Enamel Paints like Industrial Synthetic Enamel Paint, Good Shine Synthetic Enamel Aluminium Paint, High Gloss Synthetic Enamel Paint, Synthetic Enamel Oil Based Paint, Auto Finish Enamel Paint, Furniture Enamel Paint are offered in diverse colors and having an inherent quality of corrosion resistance.